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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get Ready ME 2010

The MPHA gets into the preparedness race with new website;

The following press release describes their efforts to help Maine prepare for disaster, and can be found here. Bear in mind that this site is run by a health oriented association, and is geared towards that area of preparation. It is a bare bones page, but it does have a couple of helpful links, such as
www.maineprepares.com. They also have a basic checklist for getting a kit together in PDF form that you can download.

New Tools Available to Help Mainers Prepare for Emergency or Illness

"Get ME Ready" Campaign Launches in Portland

It takes more than duct tape to be ready for an emergency. That's according to the Maine Public Health Association and its many partners in the new Get ME Ready campaign. The campaign is designed to help Maine people prepare for emergencies or illness that keep them home - maybe without power, heat, or clean water.

Get ME Ready was unveiled today in Portland and includes a new website (www.getMEready.org), public service announcements featuring doctors and veterinarians, and a statewide outreach effort via email, face book, and twitter. Tina Pettingill, Director of the Maine Public Health Association, introduced the campaign by saying, "Here in Maine we like to think we're ready for anything. So let's make sure we are. There are a few simple steps we can all take to help our children, our pets, and the older adults we care for be safe during emergencies or illness."

The campaign features a video message from Dr. Dora Ann Mills, Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control, which urges everyone to "get a kit, make a plan, and be informed". Dr. Mills was on hand to discuss the campaign and stated, "Emergencies and illness can happen to any of us at any time. But by taking some simple steps as individuals to get ready, we are also doing our part to improve health and reduce costs for everyone."

Emergency management officials pointed out that Maine can seem far removed from earthquakes and tsunamis, but is not immune to other unexpected weather and health events. Lynette Miller, Communications Director for the Maine Emergency Management Agency stated, "Disasters and emergencies come in all sizes. It doesn't have to be a catastrophic event like the floods of 1987 or the ice storm of 1998. Here in Maine we have had three storms and floods in the last four weeks. While not large events, they were major family emergencies for those affected by them. The good news is, self-reliance, but also working together, are parts of our heritage in Maine. Let's all take the next step and make sure we really are ready for anything."

In addition to the Maine Public Health Association, other partners in Get ME Ready include the City of Portland, the American Red Cross of Southern Maine, the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Maine Emergency Management Agency.

Mike Mason, Regional Director of Emergency Services for the American Red Cross of Southern Maine, brought an example of a Get ME Ready Kit. Mason stated, "Getting ready for an emergency doesn't have to be overwhelming, time consuming, or expensive. It starts by building a kit of the essentials, like food, water, medicine, and safety supplies. This sort of simple preparation can make a big difference should the unexpected happen."

Pettingill concluded, "Flooding, ice storms, the flu. Are you ready to help your family in an emergency? It takes more than duct tape, so it's time to get ready. Build a kit. Make a plan. Be informed. Go to getMEready.org."

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