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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shopping for the long haul

It's been an interesting few weeks watching the value of our currency decline in the world markets, but that can have good consequences here in Maine. The value of the Canadian Dollar has increased to a level that is now on par with the American dollar, so if you want to jump across the border to pick up some supplies, you don't have to mess with the exchange rates to make sure you are getting what you think you are. A buck is a buck is a buck, both here in the US and to our lovely neighbor to the north.

I mention that because there really is no reliable retailer for preparedness supplies here in Maine, but we have a new company (http://www.basiclifeessentials.com ) across the border in New Brunswick you may want to take a look at. I haven't bought anything from them, so I cannot vouch for their reliability, and their online catalog is still under construction, so you'll have to contact them for prices. I'm told they are starting another operation for the northern New England market, so we'll see how that comes out.

One of the problems that seem to be worsening here in Maine is the ready availability of survival and preparedness supplies and equipment without having to go out of state or do your business online. That kind of sucks, but we've little that can be done about it. What few places claim to sell long term products are really little more than army-navy stores, commonly referred to as military surplus dealers. Not much from these sources, I am afraid to say.

That said, I have a comment/question for any Mainer's reading this post.

I'd like to see if we can get a listing of as many places within Maine, or within an easy drive from anywhere in the state, that are potential sources of possible long term supplies and equipment for the Prepper community. There are many shops that deal in things like alternative heating systems and fuels, generators, solar equipment, foods and food preparation, small farm suppliers and so forth that don't advertise in the normal resources the preparedness community would frequent. That is mostly because they don't consider themselves as preparedness suppliers.

I don't want to do this as an advertising stunt, but I believe it would be of tremendous benefit to other Mainers to know where we can go to get some supplies and maybe some advice on different products on a first hand basis, rather than on the internet, where you may not have your questions answered as well as you'd like them to be all the time. If you'd like to take part in developing a stronger preparedness community here in Maine, simply leave your thoughts in the comment box, or drop me an email if you'd rather.


One of the things happening in Maine now is a reduction in police and firefighting staffing in many communities across the state. This will leave some smaller communities with no ability to quickly respond in the event of a major disaster. Some towns are contracting their police, fire and ambulance services to nearby towns leaving some towns completely without these services. This would be a good time for us to start looking at volunteering or participating in the emergency planning functions of these smaller towns.

For those of us that have been learning the ropes of preparedness for a while, it should be of some benefit to the community. After all, the community we live in is home, and we should look after our own homes, shouldn't we?

As a couple of other notes, I understand that there may be some changes in the works for some inland waterway flood zone changes, although I haven't been able to determine exactly what those changes will be. I believe that most of the change will culminate in a reduction of available assistance to those living in recurring heavy flood areas, so if you live in one of these areas, keep up with the changes to avoid problems down the road.

Also, don't forget that even with the record and near record rains, the dry Canadian air is coming back, and with it the winds will pick up. Be aware of the possibility for wildfires over the next couple of weeks if you live out of town.

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  1. Comment via subscription email from R.F. in Western Mtns. of Maine

    As to preparedness outlets : Of course you know of MEMilitarysupply(?) in brewer - they have a website. Bet you can get the legendary Mosin Nagant there & ammo, cheap, cheap, cheap - just bring something (formal) that has actual street address on it (& of course, don't be a felon !).
    And good ol' "Uncle Henry" has anything you want from animals, to hay, to tractors (just don't buy the one I want !), to guns/ammo, advertisements for different businesses & gun shows to corn shellers & bee equipmt. !! Beware though - it's addicting !! It's online too.
    New Brunswick line is 245 mi. from me, but would like to check it out over there - perhaps one day ME could be partnered w/the nearby provinces - ME is half french anyway !!
    By the way, anybody see the coolest documentary on the Pelleteer family of loggers out of Millinocket that was just on the Discovery channel ? I was clicking around randomly, trying to avoid commercials & I was like, "wait a minute, this looks like Maine" - then "Hey, this guy talking is a french mainer" (and god bless em, no better people !) - all about logging on the 'Golden Road' !

    R.F. in Western Mtns. of Maine

  2. I am aware of MEMS R.F. Haven't shopped there but I may stop in later this summer. My point is that there really is no retailer that deals in items like long term foods, storage and prep equipment and so forth like some of the big mail order companies do. You can get anything you want here in Maine, but you can't get it all at the same place. I'd likt to see a place like that here in Maine or over in N.H. at least, how about you?

  3. Thanks for the plug D.L. ( BasicLifeEssentials.com) . We can't ship to main at this point. But are wiling to make arrangements to get the food to the boarder. Also we are set up At the Hampton farmers market on Saturdays (about 1hour 45 min ) from board at Calais. If any one wants to meet us there they should call in advance to make sure we are staking what you need . God Bless Guys and keep Preppin. http://basiclifeessentials.blogspot.com/2010/05/preparedness-in-our-minds-and-deeds.html


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