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Monday, November 30, 2009

A comment from one of our readers

A tiny bit of advice i could offer is that if anyone wanted to buy a used freezer, they should be sure it's running !!
I bought a nice-looking chest freezer from someone nearby for $75 and it fit perfectly in my unheated mud room - I knew the fellow hadn't been using it for awhile, but I didn't need it right away, didn't have an outlet in mudroom (yeah, yeah, I know), so didn't even try the thing until it got cold & I wanted to butcher. All it did was heat up the room !
Finally contacted fellow I bought from & he will give me $50 back & I will have a $25 secure chest for grains, etc.... Buyer beware !!!

R.F. in Western Mtns. of Maine

Thanks for the comment!

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