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Monday, November 23, 2009

Preparedness Tips - Re-Packaging Ground Coffee for Storage

Re-post Courtesy of Riverwalkers Stealth Survival

Here's a great tip on re-packaging your ground coffee. Ground coffee has a very short shelf life once opened. To keep that fresh ground coffee taste here's a valuable tip.

Sam said...

Coffee StorageRW, you are dead on that ground coffee is only good for about two weeks after it is opened.

Good news! I just completed a save-the-coffee experiment, and It worked! I can only drink one (large) cup of coffee a day. Yet in my preps I have a bunch of three pound cans of ground coffee. I discovered that I could only use a quarter (max) of a can before it turned sour.I got the bright idea to repack the freshly opened ground coffee into small canning jars.

Pack coffee in the jar tight (to get the air out) till it was slightly less than half an inch from the top of the jar, wipe the rim of the jar free of coffee grounds, and screw on a new lid.Then I used my Pump and Seal ($20 online) and vacuum sealed the jar. Stored these in a cool dark closet till I needed one.

I just finished the last jar (10 weeks after repackaging it). It tasted fresh to the last cup! I use that little Pump and Seal for a lot of my preps, but not ammo. It can suck the bullets right out of a cartridge.

Keep up the great work RW!

November 10, 2008 9:00 AM

You can read about or order a pump-n-seal unit here: http://www.pump-n-seal.com/

Staying above the water line!


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