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Sunday, November 22, 2009

DIY De-humidifier for Your Gun Storage - Update

Re-post Courtesy of Riverwalkers Stealth Survival

A couple of readers have left excellent tips for a DIY de-humidifier for your gun storage.
Here are a couple of excellent tips!

R.E.A.L. said…

That's one way to do it, however I use this method.
1. Container with plastic lid or Mason jar and just the ring.
2. 1 coffee filter
3. Silica gel from hobby store

Place gel in container and cover top with coffee filter. Place ring on Mason jar or cut center out of plastic lid and put on container. The filter lets moisture in and keeps the gel from spilling out.

BTW, any hygroscopic material will work. Silica gel is effective, but I might use pickling lime in a pinch instead of chalk.

gott_cha said...

Here is another one Riverwalker.

Take 1 pair of clean gym socks, fill half way with fresh uncooked white rice.....tie off the ends,..pitch into the bottom of the gun safe/closet... Very cheap and you should already have the rice on hand.This lasts about 8 months before it needs to be dumped out and sun dried to recharge.

Thanks R.E.A.L! Thanks gott_cha!

Staying above the water line!


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